Learning Training Activity in Skopje

A Learning Training Activity was held in Skopje in October which saw CKM host representatives from TalTech, PLS and C&R.

This meeting allowed the partners to learn how to use the material in their specific fields, with the material being adapted for use by both universities and consultancies.

This coming together helped the partners develop a fuller understanding of how the developed toolkits, learning paths, and the learning guide can be used by different types of stakeholders in a learning teaching context.

To that end three specific situations were explored. First, the use of the toolkits, the learning paths, and the learning guide in a VET context, with a focus on the self-learning methods and the methods of supporting learning of students or practitioners of professional HR academies. Specific tools were discussed, while the learning manual was updated in this section. CKM with PLS moderated this section.

On the second day, participants explored the applicability of the toolkits and the learning guide in HE context, exploring the use of the role play, case studies and best practice methods for transferring the knowledge to students who might not have a previous HR experience but are involved in HRM studies at the HE level. TalTech moderated this session.

At the third day, participants discussed and explored ways in which the learning guide and the toolkits can be used in a consultancy context and how the same can be used by HR consultants when they are working on changing the organisational culture in companies.

Participants agreed that the toolkits and the learning guide can also cover the use of various change management models in which the individual learning paths connected to the toolkits coupled with the support of the HR consultants, will enable the HR managers to act as change agents.

In the same day, participants also explored the possibility to use the toolkits and the learning guide for initiating or supporting a larger societal change (advocacy) which could recognise these trends in the New Ways of Working as the new status quo in the functioning of the organisations. C&R and PLS moderated this session.


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