About the Project
New Ways of Working for Net Zero Emissions

Project Duration: 24 months / Period of Implementation: 03/2022 - 02/2024

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Priorities addressed by the Project

The NWoW4Net-Zero project specifically aims at leveraging new ways of working and work organisation driven by increased use of digital solutions as a way to contribute to EU-carbon neutrality ambition through a “tool box” and a training dedicated to HR Professionals.

  • HORIZONTAL: Environment and fight against climate change
  • HORIZONTAL: Addressing digital transformation through development of digital readiness, resilience and capacity. It works towards awareness raising about environmental and climate-change challenges by developing competences and green sectorial skills methodologies based on the new ways of working in the workplace driven by the opportunities of digitalization.
  • VET: Adapting vocational education and training to labour market needs

NWoW4Net-Zero project as well supports the development of future-oriented curricula which will upskill the HR professionals and enable them to become true agents of change in the organisations and societies working towards reduction of carbon footprint emissions and advocating for mobility choices.

Target Group

The target groups are human resources directors, human resources managers in both private and public organisations, or managers who undertake this role in SMEs as well as non-profit organisations: all professionals involved in the conception, development or evolution of (new) working methods and work organisation within these entities.


  • All enterprises, especially SMEs
  • Other type of organisations including government organisations and CSOs
  • Citizens and society
  • VET: Adapting vocational education and training to labour market needs

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