Charting the Future: NWoW4Net Zero Wraps Up with Final Meeting in Brussels

The NWoW4 Net Zero project team had its last transnational project meeting just last week at the PLS premises in Brussels. It was attended by team members from all partners who together joinned to close the final steps of this initiative and define its futrure. 

The meeting was held on 13th February and was attended by CKM, PLS, TalTech, and HTag (Reference).

The meeting was initiated by a warm welcome from Salima Chitalia from Pour la Solidarité (PLS), who also facilitated the logistics for the meeting. An essential update on project management was reported from Andrijana Bogdanovska from CKM, underlining the necessity of closing all administrative activities and documentation related to the project.

The team further noted a significant improvement in the delivery of the various project results Particular areas of note included the long discussion around finalizing the user guide for the impact tools, which has been the focus of extensive dialog between the partners. Partners congratulated the whole team for the hard work in advancing the visual aspects of the learning platform, which was a hallmark of this project focused on innovation and educational outcomes.

The meeting also prepared the ground for the project's closing conference, which will encapsulate the insights and impacts of the NWoW4 Net Zero project, with expert speakers and content values co-organized by Htag Référence and PLS, held on February 14th.

With the project winding down on February 27, 2024, the NWoW4 Net Zero team will remain committed to the mission and priorities outlined in supporting new ways of working toward a net-zero future. The last meeting not only detailed the successes and challenges but also exemplified the collaborative spirit that has come to mark this initiative.



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